Research shows the trend to book professional run spa’s are on the rise, both by local user and travelers.  And while owners recognize that this trend is emerging, they often determine that their limited knowledge of spa operations and resources within the spa industry require they partner with a spa management consultancy to ensure success. We will work closely with executive leadership to better understand and execute the standards of the spa day to day operations.

Long-Term Management Agreement

With long-term management agreement, may offer the following services:

  • Selection, promotion and supervision of all spa staff; including senior leadership
  • Establish competitive wage rate schedules
  • Procurement and maintenance of adequate treatment lines and inventory
  • Establishment of pricing and rate schedules for spa treatments, fitness services, and retail products
  • Submission to the owner of an annual budget for the day-to-day operations of the spa and capital expenditures to include month end data reporting
  • Procurement and maintenance of adequate operating supplies, inventory and equipment at the spa and fitness facilities
  • Oversee proper advertisement and promotion of the spa both local and national markets
  • Compliance with the terms of the spa management agreement
  • Maintenance of an appropriate accounting system.
  • Maintenance of the spa in good operating condition, including proposing and overseeing all necessary capital improvements
  • Maintenance of sufficient books and records concerning the operation of the spa
  • Maintenance of appropriate equipments insurance coverage
  • Oversight of construction services required by owner if appropriate

Temporary On-Site Management

The unexpected loss of spa leadership can stall an operation and the guest experience can suffer greatly during a time of transition. We have the knowledge and hands-on experience to pick up where previous leadership left off to maintain or improve your operation and your reputation until you can find a permanent replacement.